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How To Maintain The Steel Office Furniture
Jun 29, 2017


How to maintain steel office furniture



In our office life, in addition to some common office furniture, there are some unusual office furniture, such as steel office furniture, this kind of office furniture, after the purchase must pay attention to protection measures, Then VMSworks company for everyone to explain the need to pay attention to the place.



The first is to avoid bumps, so in the office furniture handling process carefully lightly, Remember to place the steel furniture on the ground should also be smooth, so that the furniture four legs stable, plain ground, if the shaking instability, the time will make a slight deformation of furniture, affecting the life of furniture.



Secondly, noted that far away from chemicals such as acid and alkali, acid and alkali corrosive effect on iron is very large, steel furniture if they accidentally stained with acid and alkali, to the rinse immediately with water at the sewage, And then dry with dry cotton. Outside the office furniture placed in the position, it is best to avoid the direct sunlight outside the window. Because the steel furniture for a long time by the sun, slowly paint color will change; color paint layer will be dry peeling off, the metal will appear oxidation deterioration.



In the steel file cabinetcupboard and other clean dust, the best choice of cotton knitwear for the rags, gently wipe the surface of steel furniture, for depression and embossed decoration of the dust, it is best to use soft Wool brush to dust.