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On The Inspection Of Steel Filing Cabinets
Jul 04, 2017

On the inspection of steel filing cabinets

The product is sure to be tested, and in the process of the factory also need to be tested When purchasing the steel filing cabinets. If you want to ensure that the product has a good quality can be carried out through several parts, to ensure the safety process of using.


At first in the absence of anything when the steel file cabinet is a between light state, so you can put the product on the ground shaking, look flat, if not enough sense of balance, will be shaken when using , that's quite insecure.


At the same time we found that the door is also used in the process of more often encountered a problem, if you want to ensure that the usual work in the easy to use, it is best to need to be tested, for example, you can see when the gap is too large or not, but also by opening the door to see if there is a phenomenon of sagging or not.


In addition, for the steel file cabinet in terms of production process is more detailed, on the screw test is more important, if you can put each screw is locked locked, naturally in the future will not happen the problem of falling screws.


VMSworks company strictly abide by the steel office furniture production process, carefully check the details of each product, so that to achieve international standards and customer satisfaction. Each of our products can withstand rigorous testing and review, there will give you the best product experience and price experience.