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The Definition Of Steel Furniture And The Status Of The Furniture Industry
Jul 13, 2017

The definition of steel furniture and the status of the furniture industry


Steel furniture, which Is cold-rolled steel and plastic powder as the main raw material with locks, rails, handles and other spare parts, through Cutting, folding, folding, welding, per-treatment, spray, accessories assembly process, made of furniture collectively referred to as steel furniture. In accordance with the combination of cold-rolled steel and different materials, can be divided into steel withe wood furniture, steel-plastic furniture, steel glass furniture, according to the different uses of furniture, can be divided into steel office furniture, steel and other civilian furniture. VMSworks company has several major categories: safe, safe deposit box and other insurance series, filing cabinets, locker, wardrobe, goods cabinets, security cabinets and other cabinet series, shelves, bunk beds, single bed, apartment bed and other bed series, desk, computer desk, learning chairs and other office furniture series, desks and chairs, row chairs and other school furniture series.


Steel furniture instead of most of the wooden furniture is an irreversible trend of the times. Because the wooden furniture consumes a lot of forest resources, causing the destruction of the natural environment. As people protect the environmental awareness, many countries prohibit or restrict the harvest of forests, as wood furniture, the main raw material is increasingly scarce. Many manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the use of environmentally friendly chemical adhesives, the people's respiratory system damage, do not meet the people's pursuit of a healthy life concept.



Steel furniture as a result of the gradual maturity of the manufacturing process, has entered the era of industrial production, the use of its large number of CNC equipment, steel furniture manufacturing errors to reach millimeter or even micron level, while maintaining the raw materials of Non-toxic, tasteless characteristics, made the product has a green environmental characteristics, it have the sudden development of a very broad market potential, compare with the thousands of years to wooden furniture-based furniture industry.