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What Is Mobile Pedestal, The Introduction About The Mobile Pedestal Function.
Jul 11, 2017

What is Mobile Pedestal, the introduction about the Mobile Pedestal function.


The mobile Pedestal also has a name called a removable file cabinet. Mobile Pedestal is easy to install, reusable, it can be industrialized production, fire, environmental protection and so on. Mobile Pedestal brings great convenience to people's work, such as Mobile Pedestal's free location on the desk, allowing space to be used interchangeably.



1. First said cabinet and drawer. The main drawer of the cabinet and the cabinet are cold rolled steel. Cold rolled steel has a lot of colors that can be offered to customers.


2, Mobile Pedestal`s track, that is the bottom of the small wheel used to slide. At present, the activities of the cabinet is mainly based on cold-rolled steel plate. Can be sprayed, electroplated and other processing methods to make the activities of the cabinet looks very bright and stylish track.


3. Finally, Mobile Pedestal's lock, we all know that many of the office materials need to be kept confidential. So it is imperative to play on the cabinet. From the point view of durability, the best material is stainless steel, especially for surface materials, using more will be more bright. Steel Mobile Pedestal good strength, strong corrosion resistance, color unchanged.



VMS Mobile Pedestal is small and cute, and is free to move. In our busy office, not need use your hand hold the information, directly on the Mobile Pedestal gently pushed to the destination, both effort and time.